Comprehensive Care for Your Whole Body and Mind

We are dedicated to delivering compassionate, professional, and dependable care to every member of our community. No matter where you are on your healthcare journey, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Range of Services

Primary Care

Our team of midwives are experts in healthy pregnancy and birth, offering primary maternity care to healthy pregnant clients and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, until about six weeks following delivery.

Nurse practitioners are Nurses who have completed masters or doctorate level NP training and are now primary care providers who have the ability to practice in many settings. NPs assess and treat diseases and disorders by prescribing, ordering diagnostic services and managing results, and consulting and referring with other health care providers. NPs practice in one of three “streams” which include family, adult, ​​or pediatrics, and within the NP Scope of Practice. NPs often work within multidisciplinary teams that complement each other to improve patient care.​​ (excerpt from BCCNM Nurse Practitioners)

Mental Health Support

Our experienced psychologists and counsellors are here to help you navigate life's challenges.

Reproductive Health Care

We offer comprehensive services across the reproductive continuum.

Pediatric Care

We understand the unique needs of children and provide family-friendly care.

Community and Diversity Focus

Canopy Health is proud to serve diverse communities, ensuring that healthcare is accessible to all.